Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kids pics!

A couple weeks ago we took the kids to get their photos done.  Cousin Keely took them and did an amazing job.

We would tell Tracyn to smile and he would pull hilarious faces, and yet at home he is a ham.

Normally Jaydis doesn't scowl but the sun was in her eyes.
We are going to have better timing next time.

I love this one so much!  I am going to blow it up for our bedroom.

I must have been blush happy that day.  Jaydis definatley looks more like Brady!

The Booger!  I will blow up this one too.  I went to children's place that morning and wanted bright colors, but they had only neutral for boys so I switched to Black and White for both.  Tracyn ended up looking a little gangster, oh well.  I learned for next time right?!

For this one we told Tracyn to put his hands in his pockets and have Tay Tay prop his arm on his shoulder.  But when Tay Tay would Tracyn would copy.  It turned out cute showing their personalities.

This was such a cute wall but the babe's were being fussy.  Turned out so cute for Tayvian and Ady. 
Maybe next time.
We are still waiting for the others and I will post them later

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little bit of Lately!

Things have been somewhat busy lately.  Getting trying  the new playroom organized.  Shantel and Brett are moved out.  Brady is working like crazy so we are trying to stay busy.  I have so much respect for single mom's I couldn't do it.  Im going crazy!  I found a new blog I love, http://houseofsmiths.blogspot.com/  It has gave me some great ideas.  I just finished a chalkboard so I can write Brady notes for when he gets home and we are asleep. 

The picture frame I am painting white and using chicken wire behind it.  Great place to hang earrings.
I will post pics when I'm done.

I took Tracyn to get his preschool supplies and almost broke down bawling in the middle of walmart.  He is getting so big, and I don't like it at all.  This is hime trying to put it on himself, he won't let me help one bit.

I can't believe school is almost starting.  He has to wear this Spiderman costume all the time.  LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Week!

Last week for my Mom's Bday we went to the SLC Temple.  It was my first time doing a session there and it was beautiful.  I hope when Brady's clearance goes through we can be sealed there.  Sherronne watched the kids and than we went to dinner at Chili's after.  Tracyn asked me for my arm and laid his head on it.  Then he FELL ASLEEP!  I couldn't believe it.  So I laid his head down on the table.  They came and sang for my mom and he slept through that as well.  Crazy boy!

We also had our first playdate with Koltan Kennington.  He is so cute and is Jaydis' new boyfriend.  She would attack him with "Loves". 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Hospital! :-(

Jaydis was a little cranky one morning, and we could tell something was up from her rapid breathing.  So we just watched her hoping it would be a small bug.  Late that night her breathing progressed faster and her heartrate was high.  So my mom and I rushed her to the Mckay D ER.  Her oxygen was at 82!  And it is supposed to be 95.  So they took her back and hooked her up to machines and got her to calm down.  They decided to admit her because her oxygen wouldn't stay up while she slept.  Dr.  Lloyd and the amazing ER Dr. diagnosed her with asthma.  So sad yet Im so glad we now know what is wrong and we can prevent.  She has a nebulizer she can do daily and during an attack.  We were there a few days but they were so nice to us.

She is such a strong little girl.  And an amazing blessing for us.  Love her to pieces.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zoo Day!

K  so now I have a real excuse for not blogging often.  It takes me forever to upload pictures.  Hopefully I can figure out how to do it faster soon.  It's driving me crazy!  So we finally made it to the zoo.  First time for both Tracyn and Jaydis.  Driving a double stroller at the zoo can be dangerous.

We loved seeing all the different animals.  Although some of the scared the crap out of me.

You know God has a sense of humor because he created the ostrich.

My little family!

Daddy's Girl!

They also had big playground

This summer is going way to fast!  Love it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some of this Summer!!

Im way behind again and haven't posted any of our summer pictures.  I want this made into a book so I need to do as much as possible.  I wish I could scrapbook, but it's imposible with Tracyn.

I don't know why I find this funny, but having 2 kids in high chairs next to each other can be very entertaining sometimes.  And Jaydis' face cracks me up every time.

Jaydis had her first Bath in the sink and now I almost do it daily.

At the beginning of June when the weather was really crappy, I made this tutu and skirt's for Jaydis.  Im trying to be more crafty.

June 14th was Tracyn's 3rd Bday.  My sweet Grandma passed away that morning so we canceled his bday party.  I hope he is still to little to realize, so we just had a small one at home.

I had him dressed up early in the day so I could take lots of picture's.  By noon he stripped and dressed himself.  And these cupcakes were disgusting.  Well the cake part was good but the frosting was pure sugar.  Brady tried to save them but there was no hope.  Of course the kid's still ate them though.

This Elefun game is one of many presents.  Wow toddlers get spoiled.  I do reccomend this game for boring rainy days, but it does fall apart easy.

Tyler comes up from SLC every couple weeks and stays for a few days.  It's nice the kids love him and he is good with them.
He dressed up Jaydis as a princess.

I bought a mini swimming pool and it has been the best $15 dollar purchase of the summer.  Until Tracyn strips his clothes and runs around the driveway naked.  I will spare you those picture's.

Check out Brady's face.  Biggest kid of all.

Their idea of drying off.

It definatley wears Tracyn out, he fell asleep.

Hang on I swear this post is almost over. 
Ady came up for the week so I became daring and took them outside myself.  It doesn't happen often.  I can't chase a 3 year old down the street with Jaydis crying in the driveway.

Tracyn is already Hell on weels.  He ran into the house.

I sat and painted my toes.  I found this new polish called "Jamaica me Crazy"
Love it!